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Online Safety


The Internet now plays a part in everyday lives, it is very important that we educate Children, Parents/Carers and Staff "How to Stay Safe Online"

All children across the school participated in National Internet Safety Day on Tuesday 9th February.


Below are some useful links to help keep you and your child safe whilst using the Internet.

Blackfell Primary School safe and responsible use of the internet


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Mr Barrass coordinates E-Safety at Blackfell Primary School. Please read our school E-Safety policy.


Parental Controls


Parental Controls give you some control over the content that can be viewed on devices connected to your home network. These include PC's, Laptops, Smartphones and Tablets.

If you are worried about what your child may be accessing on your home network, please contact your Internet Service Provider (ISP) to arrange to have these restrictions enabled on your account or see the below guides from a few different providers.


BT Parental Control

Sky Broadband Parental Control

TalkTalk Broadband Parental Control

Virgin Media Broadband Parental Control

Plusnet Broadband Parental Control