At Blackfell we value and celebrate all children’s achievements.

In our Celebration Assembly each Friday, children are presented with a Headteacher’s certificate and trophy for success during the week presented by their class teacher. We encourage all children to share their achievements out of school too! If your child has achieved anthing out of school that they would like to share in our special assesmbly e.g. swimming certificate, dancing award, music achievement , please let Mrs Watkins know.

In addition, we award a key stage 1 and key stage 2 lunchtime award.



Friday 4 May  


   James Rutter Nursery

  Jack Newton Reception

    Max Henry Year 1

     Sofia Bounkhaila Year 2

     Aaron Cockburn Year 3

    Aaren Taylor Year 4

    Brendan Tetchner Year 5

     Tom Pinnegar Year 6



     Imogen Anderson KS1 Lunchtime Award

   Bo Atwill  KS2 Lunchtime Award

Well done!



 Friday  18 May


   Jenna Bailey Nursery

   Lana McAulay  Reception

 Callum Cooper   Year 1

 Lily Harper    Year 2

Leon Lowery    Year 3

 Honey McAulay   Year 4

Shay Scott   Year 5

Year 6    Year 6



     Janine Richardson KS1 Lunchtime Award

    Katie Fulton  KS2 Lunchtime Award

Well done!













Friday  11 May 


     Farrah Smith Nursery 

    Ava Finnon Reception 

 Leon Potts  Year 1 

 Dominic Lamming Year 2

  Lyta Carr  Year 3 

 Malika Mawhinney Year 4 

 Dexter Lamming   Year 5

 Layla Casey   Year 6 

            Riley Allen   KS1 Lunchtime Award  

          Leon Lowery KS2 Lunchtime Award 

Well done!







    Year 1

     Year 2

Beaux Harris Year 3

  Evie Warris  Year 4

 Eben Duckworth  Year 5

      Daniel Clarke Year 6


Sarah Wood  KS1 Lunchtime Award

  Ben Anderson  KS2 Lunchtime Award

Well done!