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School Council- Pupil Voice at Blackfell

Welcome to the School Council for Spring Term.

Introducing the School Council for the Spring Term: Grace Anderson and Brendan Tetchner (Y6), Ellie Platts and Harry Beadling (Y5), Isla Martins and Alex Meager (Y4), Miya Wilson and Ellis Kerry (Y3), Jaycee Day and Aaron Coulson-Patel (Y2) and Lexi Quinn and JJ Beadling (Y1). 


Over the Spring Term our School Council will be working together to focus on the theme 'Healthy Heart, Healthy Mind'.  This will involve looking closely at the Key Stage 2 tuck shop and making some changes to offer healthier snacks at break time. They will be sharing the thoughts and suggestions of their classmates as we complete a pupil questionnaire and they will also be helping with Safer Internet Day by doing work around cyber bullying. In addition to this we will be fundraising for a local charity 'MIND' which provides support to those experiencing emotional and mental health. We look forward to the term ahead!

Miss Stockport and Mr Whitfield

For Safer Internet day, children from across the school designed posters to promote the safe use of the internet. Our School Councillors had the very tough decision of deciding the winners. There were so many entries that we first grouped the posters into Reception and KS1, Lower KS2 and Upper KS2 before picking out some of our favourites. We then worked with Miss Dodds to choose the overall winners. Well done to those who won!

The Headteacher's coffee afternoon was a huge success! The school council worked well with children from across the school to promote healthy eating by making fruit animals and they presented their work to parents confidently. Partway through the afternoon we were joined by our fantastic school choir who sang songs promoting happiness and mindfulness.

One of the final jobs the school council had was to raise money for the charity MIND based in Washington. They committed their own time to selling merchandise on the school gate and during Tuck Shop and overall raised over £100! They also arranged an assembly with Helen who joined us to explain her role within Washington MIND and what else the charity does. 


Thank you for all your hard work this term!

Miss Stockport and Mr Whitfield


Welcome to the School Council for Autumn Term.


We are proud to announce our school council for the Autumn term are Dexter Lamming and Olivia Allen (Y6); Shaun Hair and Katie Fulton (Y5); Sadie Castling and Dylan Robinson (Y4); Chloe Jones and Jack Parkinson (Y3); Phoebe Wilson and Max Henry (Y2) and  Ethan Clarke and Lily Beattie (Y1).




It has been a pleasure to work with School council this term. They have been dedicated to making the pupils voice heard  and having an impact around school and the community. Over the Autumn Term School Council have made cakes, sold them and  raised £350 for MacMillan Research. They set up a competition within school for the Book Fair. Children had to design their own character for a story and describe them. They managed to raise £200 for the school to purchase new books. Next they helped organised n assembly to mark the ending of World War One along with a traditional meal children would have enjoyed from the era. Next School Council helped raise money for The Poppy Appeal by selling poppies, rulers, rubbers and much more on the school the school gates on a morning. Some of us managed to squeeze in a visit to the Anti Bullying conference where we talked to other children about our school. We did not stop there! Our next charity we raised money for was Help For Heroes. We sold bands and badges on the gates and organised a bingo bonanza at Mrs Watkins Coffee Afternoon. There was bingo games, raffles, tea, coffee, cake and a chance to catch up with friends. We raised an amazing £380 for the charity which will go to help soldiers who have served in the armed forces. Our last project of the term was organising the school Christmas fair. We thought of some games for children to play, prizes and even set up a magical station where you could create your own reindeer dust and make a wish to Santa. It has been non stop! but the School Council have been fantastic. Thank you for all your hard work. We look forward so seeing our new school council in the Spring Term and what projects they will be working on.

Miss Hepplewhite, Miss Henderson and Miss Jackson

School Council Presentation

Children from Years 3,4 and 5 enjoyed a visit to the Baltic in Gateshead to Celebrate 'Walk to School Month'.