At Blackfell we value and celebrate all children’s achievements.

In our Celebration Assembly every Monday, children are presented with a Headteacher’s certificate and badge for success during the week presented by their class teacher. We encourage all children to share their achievements out of school too! If your child has achieved anything out of school that they would like to share in our special assembly e.g. swimming certificate, dancing award, music achievement, please let Mrs Watkins know.

In addition, we award a key stage 1 and key stage 2 lunchtime award and sing Happy Birthday to children who have had a birthday that week.



  10 June 2022


   Ayla-Grace Waggott  Nursery 

              Amber Anderson Reception 

        Mia-Grace Smith  Year 1  

                  Pippa Rodger Year 2

                Phoebe Hill Year 3 

                Harry Maddison Year 4 

             Phoebe Wilson Year 5

            Emily Beattie   Year 6  



                      Scarlet-Rose Nettleton  KS1 Lunchtime Award 

                      Riley Allen KS2 Lunchtime Award 

Well done!



 Friday 24 June 2022


       Hariz Tahid  Nursery 

Theo Jenkins Reception

         Charlie Beattie  Year 1

    Betsy Williams Year 2

 Ellen Ross  Year 3

        Lily Beattie  Year 4

         Sarah Wood Year 5

         Jessica Dale  Year 6



                 Oliver Drummond  KS1 Lunchtime Award

               Kaci-leigh Hindhaugh KS2 Lunchtime Award

Well done!













Friday   17 June 2022


   Caleb Robertson Nursery

        Clark Barnfather Reception 

    Joseph Craig Year 1

        Leo Foster Year 2 

      Ethan Thomas Year 3

      Halle Klein Year 4 

     Zac Bailey Year 5

     Dominic Lamming Year 6 


                      Bella Orwin KS1 Lunchtime Award  

                  Imogen Rutter KS2 Lunchtime Award 

Well done!



Friday    2022 




   Year 1

    Year 2

    Year 3

 Year 4

        Year 5

        Year 6


           KS1 Lunchtime Award

     KS2 Lunchtime Award

Well done!