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Blackfell Primary School




Please find school policies below


Please Note: All information hosted here is available in paper format Free of Charge upon request. Please contact the school office if you require a copy in paper format.


Our school Child Protection Policy  and Peer on Peer Abuse Policy are under their annual review - September 2019.
During this time both policies will be followed in conjunction with statutory guidance in all our safeguarding arrangements. 

Child Protection Policy 2019

Peer on Peer Abuse Policy 2019


Intimate Care Policy 2018

Positive Handling Policy 2019

Data Protection Policy 2018

Privacy Notice 2018

Data Breach Reporting Policy 2018

Attendance Policy 2019

Acceptable Use of Cameras and Mobile Phones Policy 2019

Assessment Policy 2018

Behaviour Policy 2019

Anti Bullying Policy 2019

E-Safety Policy 2019

PSHE Policy 2019

Charging and Remittance Policy 2017

Child Protection Policy 2018

Complaints Policy 2019

Marking Policy 2019

Uncollected Child Policy 2018

Lettings Policy 2018

Health and Safety Policy 2018

Administering Medicines Policy 2019

Sex and Relationship Policy 2019

Peer on Peer Abuse Policy 2018

Supporting Children with Medical Conditions Policy 2017

Inclusion Policy 2019

SEND Policy 2019

Policy for the safe use of Photographs and Digital Images 2017

Guidance on Walking Home Alone

Walking Home Alone - Confirmation Sheet

Blackfell guidance for Missing on and off site children 2017

Whistleblowing Policy 2018

Maths Calculation Policy Blackfell Primary School 2018

Accessibility Plan 2015-2018

Equality Scheme 2015-2017

Career Break Policy 2019

Flexible Working Policy 2018

Grievance Policy 2018

Redundancy Policy 2017

Educational Visits Policy 2018

Visitors Policy 2018

CCTV Policy 2019

Organisational Change Policy 2019

Religious Education Policy 2019

Staff Code of Conduct - 2019

Staff Handbook - 2019


Last update: 2019-09-18